Everything You Need to Know: SeaWorld Orlando’s New 2024 Coaster

Everything You Need to Know: SeaWorld Orlando’s New 2024 Coaster

Penguin Trek: Coming Spring 2024

SeaWorld Orlando made waves by announcing its newest coaster coming in spring 2024: Penguin Trek.

Penguin Trek is marketed as the ultimate family launch coaster experience. It will take on an arctic theme as part of the park’s Antarctica section—otherwise known as Sea of Ice.

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Ride Experience

Riders at least 42” tall and up to 77” will hop on snowmobile-styled coaster trains and dash through the 3,020 feet of track. The expedition’s two launches will reach a brisk high speed of 43 mph.

The journey will go indoors and outdoors as it races through crumbling icy caverns, across vast frozen landscapes, and waddles into a lively finale. At the end, riders will encounter a real penguin habitat and witness the capers of these cute creatures.

To summarize what we know about the ride experience: It’ll be suitable for families, include two launches, and have a polar theme.


Most of SeaWorld Orlando’s coasters have a general aquatic theme with refreshing colors and nice visuals—but that’s just about as far as the theme goes.

SeaWorld is calling Penguin Trek the park’s most immersive addition. The attraction seems to have more of a story than the park’s other coasters. Penguin Trek will put riders on snowmobiles, making discoveries as part of a frantic research mission.

The coaster itself will rush through themed environments that match the sub-zero concept. The chilly caves and effects will only add to the thrill.

Penguin Trek is expected to take place partially inside the former show building of the defunct Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin dark ride, which closed suddenly in early 2020. Per the ride’s description of ending in a penguin habitat, the coaster will likely unload near the existing penguin exhibit for guests to enjoy as they please after riding. In the past, SeaWorld has given guests the option to see the penguin exhibit without getting on the ride, so non-riders can experience it too.

Narrowly escaping the collapsing caverns along the coaster track, the ride’s serene finale will add an interactive aspect.

With authentic animal interactions, the park has stated that Penguin Trek connects, “SeaWorld’s mission and commitment to animal care, education, and research.”

A Crisp Addition

SeaWorld is the self-proclaimed Coaster Capital of Orlando as it adds its eighth coaster to the park’s thrilling lineup.

The upcoming family launch coaster will be the park’s third brand-new coaster in just as many years; Ice Breaker opened in 2022, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster opened in 2023, and Penguin Trek will launch in 2024.

Penguin Trek will be manufactured by B&M, adding to the park’s steady collection of coasters by that manufacturer—including Kraken, Manta, Mako, and Pipeline. Between Pipeline and Penguin Trek, SeaWorld Orlando has a nice streak of adding innovative B&M coasters that are unlike others produced by the company. For truly unique B&M coasters, SeaWorld Orlando is the place to be as the park will be tied for having the most B&M coasters in any single park.

About the addition, president of SeaWorld Orlando Jon Peterson said, “We’re excited to redefine the family launch coaster experience alongside our longstanding partners at B&M.”

SeaWorld is continuing to expand and diversify its coaster lineup, and really put their money where their beak is as the Coaster Capital of Orlando.

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