Everything You Need to Know About Silver Dollar City's New Fire in the Hole Roller Coaster

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Dollar City's New Fire in the Hole Roller Coaster

Reviving the World's Most Historic Indoor Roller Coaster

Silver Dollar City just announced a brand-new version of Fire in the Hole, opening spring 2024.

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Remembering the Original

Fire in the Hole is an indoor roller coaster at Silver Dollar City that has been in operation since 1972. The longstanding attraction is closing and will be completely retired at the end of the 2023 season as it celebrates its grand finale.

Fire in the Hole is touted as the world's most historic indoor roller coaster—and for good reason. Not only is Fire in the Hole the original indoor roller coaster, but its theme is directly inspired by real-life events that occurred on the site of Silver Dollar City.

Blazing Toward the Future

What to Expect from the Coaster

The long-rumored Fire in the Hole 2.0 will be a new steel family coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction. RMC developed the park's wooden coaster—Outlaw Run—and Lighting Rod over at Silver Dollar City's sister park, Dollywood.

However, unlike those intense coasters, Fire in the Hole will be a family coaster that guests from ages 5 to 95 will enjoy. The new Fire in the Hole will continue the attraction's legacy of being fun for the whole family.

Fire in the Hole 2.0 will reach a gentle max speed of 26 mph. The coaster track will span nearly a third of a mile, including three drops and a water splashdown. The new Fire in the Hole will have five trains, seating 12 passengers per train.

An Age-Old Story

Herschend Family Entertainment Creative Studios is bringing the classic Fire in the Hole story back to life, complete with Baldknobbers and the troubled Red Flanders. The three-minute journey will take guests through the ride's 14 iconic show scenes. The returning scenes will have updated special effects and a custom soundtrack with high-resolution onboard audio.

Fire in the Hole will make its return inside a new five-story, temperature-controlled building. This will make Fire in the Hole The Heartland's largest indoor roller coaster. The new version will be located in a different part of the park where Silver Dollar City will introduce a new land called Fire District. The new land will introduce shopping and dining options themed to the ride and its characters, such as Flanders Dry Goods.

The upcoming Fire in the Hole will be Silver Dollar City's largest investment in a single attraction, costing $30 million.

Fire in the Hole Returns in 2024

Fire in the Hole will open spring 2024, preserving the legendary Silver Dollar City attraction. Stay tuned for an official opening date as generations of families continue to enjoy this historic attraction.

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