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Universal Studios’ Scariest Canceled Rides

The Universal brand found its success in the horror genre through the early to mid 20th century. Universal’s Classic Monsters invigorated Universal Pictures, and the company has been wrapped up in horror ever since. As far as Universal goes, horror extends beyond just cinema.

Discussing the New Coasters for 2024


From Fire in the Hole to Good Gravy!, here are some of the recent exciting coaster announcements for 2024!

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Hyped Up for HHN 32


Aidan from Dreamport Productions joins me to chat about our most anticipated houses for the upcoming HHN 32. Thanks to Aidan for joining!

A Guide to Conquering Every Coaster at Universal Orlando

Building up the courage to finally ride an intense coaster is a fulfilling accomplishment.

Universal Orlando has a wide range of world-class coasters between its two parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. With so many options, some coasters are bound to be more intense than others. Understandably, not everyone wants to dive straight into the deep end and ride the scariest coaster in the park without warming up.

Hesitant or younger riders may be working their way up to the biggest coasters at Universal Orlando. So, where should they start? If you want to ease into those coasters, here’s the order I would suggest, from least intense to most intense.

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Dollar City’s New Fire in the Hole Roller Coaster

Reviving the World’s Most Historic Indoor Roller Coaster

Silver Dollar City just announced a brand-new version of Fire in the Hole, opening spring 2024.

The Dynasty, Demise of Universal’s Defunct Dueling Dragons

The Thrilling Battle of Fire and Ice

A castle, buried in a distant forest, battered to rubble, overtaken by opposing beasts. The unrest of a mighty battle frozen in time. Dueling Dragons stood among Islands of Adventure’s headlining attractions for the better part of two decades.

Let’s sift through the scrolls and annals of theme park history to uncover the dynasty and destiny of Dueling Dragons.

Reacting to HHN and Fright Fest Announcements

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort has announced a stacked lineup of haunted houses. It’ll be a legendary year for the event with Stranger ThingsThe Last of UsDueling Dragons, and much more.

Plus, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest has landed Saw and The Conjuring.

How a Kings Island Roller Coaster Changed the Industry

An Unpredictable History

What makes roller coasters so thrilling? Maybe it’s the feeling of being out of control, or losing your sense of direction, or the unpredictability of not knowing what comes next. Putting it into words is almost impossible.

Park Review: The Surprises of Six Flags St. Louis

A Park That’s More Than Its Reputation

For as long as I’ve been into theme parks, I’ve heard nothing but disappointing reviews for Six Flags St. Louis.

VelociCoaster: A Storytelling Spectacle

Sparing No Expense

Once Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park captivated audiences in 1993, fans of the movie couldn’t get enough. Universal wasted no time bringing dinosaurs into their theme parks; they began development for a Jurassic Park ride while the movie was still in production—well before it hit theaters.