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Shop Policies


Storybook Amusement currently does not accept returns or exchanges. However, if you have an issue with your order, please send a message to us so we can discuss a solution.


As a small shop, Storybook Amusement currently does not offer refunds. However, if you have an issue with your order, please send a message to us so we can discuss a solution.


The embroidered products are fulfilled by a trusted third-party provider. All products are made to order in a timely manner.

Storybook Amusement currently ships to the U.S. International shipping is not currently offered. Fulfillment typically takes 2–7 business days once the order is submitted. Your order will be shipped promptly after fulfillment. Please see your order details for an accurate delivery window.

The customer agrees that the provided shipping address is correct. If the shipping address is found incorrect or requires updating after the order has been shipped, the customer will be responsible for an additional shipping cost.


Any information you enter into this website (name, address, etc.) will not be shared or sold to any other parties. All your information will be kept completely private and used solely for the purposes or your order. We value you too much to compromise your info.

Payments are processed through a secure third party. Storybook Amusement will not have direct access to the sensitive payment info provided.


The promotions offered on the Storybook Amusement shop are subject to change at any time and cannot be combined with any other offer.


Please reference the tags on the products for information about best washing practices to ensure your product stays in good condition. The embroidered T-shirts and hoodies may need one washing cycle for comfort; this allows the backing of the design to soften before wearing. You may also want to consider wearing an undergarment for comfort.


Please visit the legal page on this website to learn more about the privacy policy and more.