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Interview: The Monster Mansion Soundtrack Composer, Dick Hamilton

Listen on YouTube  Learn the full history of Monster Mansion HERE

My Favorite New-to-Me Coasters of 2022

Ranking the Best Coasters I’ve been lucky enough in 2022 to have traveled more than I ever have in my life. I was able to...

How Six Flags Over Georgia Got Its Legendary Dark Ride: Monster Mansion

This article is a continuation of the history of Tales of the Okefenokee. READ PART I Reimagining the Swamp Shortly after Six Flags Over Georgia closed...

The Old Dark Ride That Made Six Flags Over Georgia Special: Tales of the Okefenokee

Six Flags Gets Its First Dark Ride The founder of Six Flags, Angus G. Wynne, was inspired to build a theme park of his own...

The Odd History of Six Flags’ First Dark Ride: Speelunker’s Cave

The amusement industry forever changed when Disneyland welcomed its first guests in 1955. Most amusement parks at the time had standard attractions lining the midway....