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Everything You Need to Know About Silver Dollar City’s New Fire in the Hole Roller Coaster

Reviving the World's Most Historic Indoor Roller Coaster Silver Dollar City just announced a brand-new version of Fire in the Hole, opening spring 2024. Remembering the...

How a Kings Island Roller Coaster Changed the Industry

An Unpredictable History What makes roller coasters so thrilling? Maybe it’s the feeling of being out of control, or losing your sense of direction, or...

Park Review: The Surprises of Six Flags St. Louis

A Park That’s More Than Its Reputation For as long as I’ve been into theme parks, I’ve heard nothing but disappointing reviews for Six Flags...

Interview: The Monster Mansion Soundtrack Composer, Dick Hamilton

Listen on YouTube  Learn the full history of Monster Mansion HERE

My Favorite New-to-Me Coasters of 2022

Ranking the Best Coasters I’ve been lucky enough in 2022 to have traveled more than I ever have in my life. I was able to...